March 2017 Market Report: The New Normal?

TREB reported 12,077 sales through the MLS system in March 2017. This is 17.7 per cent more properties sold than last year. The annual sale growth was strongest in the condo and detached segment for the whole TREB market area. Condo sales have gone up by 29 per cent compared to March 2016, while the number of sold detached properties has increased by 14.3 per cent.

Can You Sell Condo In The Pre-Construction Phase? Yes, But…

Condos have become a part of Toronto life. They’re as omnipresent as the CN Tower or signal problems on the TTC. Between 2012 and the end of 2016, 683 projects were completed, boasting 91,855 units. For many people, buying a condo is the only way to break into the housing market. Most folks will become

New Delhi: Global Luxury Realty Conclave

Richard has recently attended an exciting event in New Delhi, India. The beautiful venues at The Taj Palace Hotel hosted a variety of guests who were eager to witness Global Luxury Realty Conclave. A first of its kind convention and exhibition of India and International Luxury Real Estate India, the two trillion dollar economy, has

Top 20 Real Estate Podcasts

This selection of podcasts for Real Estate professionals and rookies covers marketing, commercial real estate, interviews with industry veterans and accomplished investors and investing in general. The great thing about podcasts is that you can listen to them anywhere at anytime. Couldn't find your favourite show on the list? Let everyone know in the comments

Richard for CBC News: Foreign home buyers love Toronto for the schools

Richard Silver, a Sotheby's realtor and past Toronto Real Estate Board president who works with foreign buyers, told Metro Morning host Matt Galloway that most of his foreign clients are coming to Toronto for educational and business opportunities, not just to park their money offshore, and that a foreign buyer tax would be a bad

Toronto Star Clarifies the Confusion Around Foreign Buyers

The Toronto Real Estate Board says 4.9% of transactions involve foreign buyers. But some fear the number is low. As Toronto area housing prices have soared, so too has conjecture about the role of foreign property buyers in driving up the market. When the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) released data on Tuesday showing only

Jim Burtnick: Toronto’s Real Estate Continues to be a Safe Investment

For anyone expecting to see a downturn of Toronto’s housing market, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation says 2017 won’t be the year. At a recent condo seminar held by the CMHC, the group laid forth it’s predictions for the upcoming year. Jim Burtnick, a member of Torontoism, broker and senior vice president at Sotheby's

International Real Estate: London is still London

From the United States to Great Britain, there is a lot of anxiety about the future and that kind of instability can have a strong impact on housing prices around the globe. While the situation South of the border is still too fresh to fully assess the situation, there is much talk of what will

Where does the commission go?

From time to time, and mostly from people who don’t know us, we get an email or a phone call where the commission question comes up front and centre: "Can you tell me what your commission rate is?"

What Trump Means for Canadian Real Estate Market

There have been a lot of articles and interviews in the media about how President-elect Trump’s ascendance November 8th, 2016 may affect the real estate market in Canada. Much will be born out with time and research but in most regards it is much too early to tell, even if the Government of Canada’s Immigration

Renting: The New Canadian Dream?

As Canada’s population grows, the price for housing continues to increase in the country’s major urban centres. According to the Ministry Of Finance, in Ontario alone the population is projected to grow by 30.1 per cent over the next 26 years with the GTA the fastest growing region in the province. Population there is expected

New Condo Market: Think Locally, Buy Locally, Rent Locally

Somebody always has to take the blame. But the lack of self-reflection causes needless panic among Canadians and the really disappointing fact is that it comes from the one body that should keep an eye on such events and keep them in check - the Canadian Government. This careless behaviour resulted in the introduction of

Canadian real estate market predictions: Small is the new big

The Government of Canada initiated the creation of the National Housing Strategy in order to provide affordable housing for all Canadians.  The project called "Let's Talk Housing" gives the opportunity to Canadians to express and share their ideas on how to improve the housing situation in the country. Richard Silver and Jim Burtnick were at

2016 Mid Year Top-Tier Real Estate Report

The GTA had a 65 per cent year-over-year increase in sales volume in the first half of the year compared to one year prior, with 10,172 units (condominiums, attached and single family homes) sold.