Shopping for Mortgages: Millennials versus Baby Boomers

Members of various demographic groups shop for mortgages in different ways. Do the contrasts in the way the baby boomers and the millennials shop for mortgages tell us something about modern home buying? You bet. A pair of mortgage professionals recently took the time to chat about the way Canadians of different generations think debt

No Place Like Home: Habitat for Humanity

What do you call a cultured American? A Canadian. All right, I know. It's easy to make fun our neighbours to the south – especially now, in this era of fake news, loud hair, and belligerent patriotism – so perhaps we should take some time to exercise our somewhat flabby appreciation muscles by acknowledging some

Top 20 Real Estate Podcasts

This selection of podcasts for Real Estate professionals and rookies covers marketing, commercial real estate, interviews with industry veterans and accomplished investors and investing in general. The great thing about podcasts is that you can listen to them anywhere at anytime. Couldn't find your favourite show on the list? Let everyone know in the comments

Richard Silver’s Holiday Appeal: Donate to Casey House

Join me this holiday season in making a gift to Casey House. I still give because I continue to be inspired to see Casey House serve the HIV community with innovative, inclusive approaches to care; to see clients feel included as part of a movie night, a healthy cooking activity, or a roundtable discussion.

What a City Slicker Needs to Know When Buying a Cottage

A few hours north of the congestion and pollution of the country’s largest city lies an oasis of solitude. A place where people can breathe fresh pine-tinted air, cannonball into crystal-clear water, or just sit around a fire under the stars. Ontario’s cottage country has been an escape for city-dwellers for generations. Every summer a

The Torontoism Team’s Role Models

We look up to them. They are our parents, mentors, teachers, partners in both business and life. Everybody needs a role model just like every experienced sailor needs to rely on a map and a compass. Essentially, just like the sailor has a destination, we too strive for the best of our future self.

People of Toronto: Dayna Gedney

I grew up at St. Claire and Dufferin, and my grandmother's down at Dufferin and Bloor, and my other grandmother's at Runnymede. We're definitely a West End kind of crew.

Torontoism’s July 2016 Updates

the Torontoism Team has been busy with sales as well as meetings, courses and even some good old family time. Tracy and family visited Mt. Tremblant, Sherille and family are planning on some travels south, Tania and hubby just got back from Hungary, Jim and Eden are busy making plans for later in the summer.

Top Photo Apps for Real Estate Agents Part 2

To borrow from Einstein (because it is always good to borrow from Einstein), "only two things are infinite: the universe and the number of apps in an app store; and I'm not sure about the universe".

11 Best Cafés to Work From in Toronto

Toronto has great coffee shops on every corner, so all they need to do is choose which one is the best fit to your work schedule. To make it easier, we've done some research and chosen 11 best coffee shops to work from in Toronto.

Best Mandarin Schools in Toronto

In Toronto, there are several options for children (and adults) to add Mandarin to their language repertoire. Here’s the breakdown.