Top 20 Real Estate Podcasts

This selection of podcasts for Real Estate professionals and rookies covers marketing, commercial real estate, interviews with industry veterans and accomplished investors and investing in general. The great thing about podcasts is that you can listen to them anywhere at anytime. Couldn't find your favourite show on the list? Let everyone know in the comments

Top Photo Apps for Real Estate Agents Part 2

To borrow from Einstein (because it is always good to borrow from Einstein), "only two things are infinite: the universe and the number of apps in an app store; and I'm not sure about the universe".

The New Kid in Town: UberEATS

The New Kid in Town: UberEATS

Working with over a hundred different restaurants throughout the city, UberEATS offers a broad selection of food from pizza to sushi to burgers. ...

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Top 5 Photography Apps for Realtors

You should always let professionals take care of your listing's photos. But if you like trying out new apps and taking photos, why not try some of these photo apps?

Seminar on “Going Paperless” at PICRA

The focus of the seminar was on dealing with paperless transactions, involving document creation, electronic signatures, document storage and of course, how to organize the paperless documents.

Top Smart Home Gadgets: Part 1

This is the selection of some of the most exciting gadgets out there that will make routine daily tasks easy and also, and we all know how important this is, so much cooler!

The Fuss about UBER

The Toronto taxi business should rise to the occasion and not try to shut UBER down. Provide great experiences and give people the choice and let the consumer make the decision.

Don’t Mistake AirBnb’s Host Guarantee with Insurance

A party held at an AirBnB rental home made headlines earlier this year after police had to be called in to deal with the revellers. The Calgary home was so badly damaged over the weekend that the cost to replace or repair things was estimated at around $150,000.

How Twitter Helped Me Improve My Business

When Twitter first hit the Internet, not many people knew what to make of it. Now it's a publicly traded company valued at billions of dollars with hundreds of millions of users across the globe, all taking advantage of the micro-blogging site.

Smartified: Making Your Home a Smarter Place

When I say smart housing, a lot of my friends tend to imagine cold android-like surroundings of a hyper-modern flat. But that's not it—the gadgets I like and support are the ones that make the warmth, comfort and also safety of your home instant and effortless, and help you enjoy your time there even more.

Richard Silver: Using technology to deliver real estate excellence

I was recently interviewed by Ray Wood for the Top Agents Playbook. It was a great opportunity to share some of my experiences with using technology in the real estate business. As many of you know, I'm a big fan of new technologies and I enjoy testing them and implementing to make our work more efficient and to often more enjoyable and fun.

6 Even Cooler Gadgets for a Modern REALTOR®

In the second part of this tech series I would like to introduce you to some fresh, mind blowing inventions, that will take your performance a step further. Let this article bring you even further into the fascinating world of gadgets that will make your work as a realtor so much more awesome and fun!

Fresh New Technology in Real Estate: Matterport

Using 3D imaging technology, Matterport allows online visitors to virtually "walk" through a property just like they would virtually "walk" around a city using Google Street View. And although "3D walkthrough" tours have existed for years, this is the first piece of real estate technology that really allows users to control how the experience a property when they're looking at it online.