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The Ontario Fair Housing Plan: A Band-Aid Solution?

Not enough seems to have been done on the supply side, and that will affect the long term. Density should be addressed, land use issues should be dealt with, and the length of time for approvals created by a Committee of Adjustment AND an Ontario Municipal Board, duking it out on every project adding months or years and huge cost overruns to each decision around intensification, too.

People of Toronto: Jennifer Keesmaat

Our city is a work in progress. Even before the new Crosstown LRT project peppered Eglinton Avenue with work sites, Toronto often felt like a lively, lived-in construction zone. But as chaotic as it can sometimes be, there is at least a little method to the madness. There is a Plan, and behind it, a

Can You Sell Condo In The Pre-Construction Phase? Yes, But…

Condos have become a part of Toronto life. They’re as omnipresent as the CN Tower or signal problems on the TTC. Between 2012 and the end of 2016, 683 projects were completed, boasting 91,855 units. For many people, buying a condo is the only way to break into the housing market. Most folks will become

Shopping for Mortgages: Millennials versus Baby Boomers

Members of various demographic groups shop for mortgages in different ways. Do the contrasts in the way the baby boomers and the millennials shop for mortgages tell us something about modern home buying? You bet. A pair of mortgage professionals recently took the time to chat about the way Canadians of different generations think debt

New Delhi: Global Luxury Realty Conclave

Richard has recently attended an exciting event in New Delhi, India. The beautiful venues at The Taj Palace Hotel hosted a variety of guests who were eager to witness Global Luxury Realty Conclave. A first of its kind convention and exhibition of India and International Luxury Real Estate India, the two trillion dollar economy, has

People of Toronto: Shawn Micallef

We have not been good at telling our urban stories. Which leads to not appreciating the city, and overlooking the great things that we have here.

No Place Like Home: Habitat for Humanity

What do you call a cultured American? A Canadian. All right, I know. It's easy to make fun our neighbours to the south – especially now, in this era of fake news, loud hair, and belligerent patriotism – so perhaps we should take some time to exercise our somewhat flabby appreciation muscles by acknowledging some

Are Baby Boomers Salespeople Being Pushed Out?

I joined an interesting panel discussion at Banff Western Connection 2017. The debate question was are baby boomers salesmen pushed out? Here's my 'against' argument. I am a boomer, senior citizen, and I have been selling property since before my colleague Amie was born! In my business life, I have been involved in technology and

Update: 10 Best Cafés to Work From in Toronto

We have decided to refresh one of our most popular articles with crisp new pictures! Plus, we added Reunion Island Coffee Bar to the list of locations where it is as enjoyable to work as drink coffee. Head to the 10 best cafés to work from in Toronto article and let us know how you

Toronto Star Clarifies the Confusion Around Foreign Buyers

The Toronto Real Estate Board says 4.9% of transactions involve foreign buyers. But some fear the number is low. As Toronto area housing prices have soared, so too has conjecture about the role of foreign property buyers in driving up the market. When the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) released data on Tuesday showing only

Winter in Toronto on Instagram

Lady Winter has come and there is no sign of her leaving Toronto. Just when the temperatures have finally started to rise a bit, another round of snow was announced for the beginning of next week.

Richard Silver’s Holiday Appeal: Donate to Casey House

Join me this holiday season in making a gift to Casey House. I still give because I continue to be inspired to see Casey House serve the HIV community with innovative, inclusive approaches to care; to see clients feel included as part of a movie night, a healthy cooking activity, or a roundtable discussion.

Glo’erm and Tuggy: Toronto’s Heritage Hero

It is up to the city administrators to decide how they can preserve Toronto's rich vibrant past. The amalgamation of modernisation with the city's lively history will strike the right balance for Canadians and tourists alike to celebrate Toronto’s past, present and future, all at the same time.