People of Toronto

People of Toronto: Jennifer Keesmaat

Our city is a work in progress. Even before the new Crosstown LRT project peppered Eglinton Avenue with work sites, Toronto often felt like a lively, lived-in construction zone. But as chaotic as it can sometimes be, there is at least a little method to the madness. There is a Plan, and behind it, a

People of Toronto: Shawn Micallef

We have not been good at telling our urban stories. Which leads to not appreciating the city, and overlooking the great things that we have here.

Richard Silver’s Holiday Appeal: Donate to Casey House

Join me this holiday season in making a gift to Casey House. I still give because I continue to be inspired to see Casey House serve the HIV community with innovative, inclusive approaches to care; to see clients feel included as part of a movie night, a healthy cooking activity, or a roundtable discussion.

The Torontoism Team’s Role Models

We look up to them. They are our parents, mentors, teachers, partners in both business and life. Everybody needs a role model just like every experienced sailor needs to rely on a map and a compass. Essentially, just like the sailor has a destination, we too strive for the best of our future self.

People of Toronto: Dayna Gedney

I grew up at St. Claire and Dufferin, and my grandmother's down at Dufferin and Bloor, and my other grandmother's at Runnymede. We're definitely a West End kind of crew.

People of Toronto: Siamak Hariri

"Psychologists, they say 'you have to fall backwards into the hands of someone you trust.' The artistic process is, very much like that. And it's very scary."

Cabbagetown Art & Crafts Festival 2016

The Cabbagetown festival of arts is one of the longest running festivals in Ontario. It's an event that brings the whole community together. Families, tourists and local shops and businesses come together to celebrate the famous Cabbagetown community spirit.

Toronto Photoshopped by Justin Main

Justin Main, @photofied, posts these amazing edited photos of Toronto and each one is better than the last one. You could say they're magical even.

The Torontoism Team: Tracy, Sherille & Vanessa

The real estate agents of the Torontoism team come from different backgrounds and bring worldwide expertise and experience to the table. Think of us as your local "international" experts.