Toronto Photo Essays

Christmas Cheer at the Distillery District

With Christmas just around the corner, Distillery District is the place to be. The traditional Christmas Market is in motion. Bea has visited it recently and provided some great shots. Have a look!

Sotheby’s International Realty Marketing Video

Here is a recent video from the Sotheby's International Realty (SIR) head office that gives you the scope of the Sotheby's brand and some of the traditional and non-traditional marketing opportunities.

Toronto Sculpture Garden: Experimenting with Public Space

The Toronto Sculpture Garden has been the site of innovative contemporary sculpture installations since 1981. This small, urban park in the downtown core serves as a testing ground for visual artists to experiment with public space and to address issues of architectural scale, materials and context.

38th Annual Cabbagetown Festival of Arts Photo Essay

The 38th annual Cabbagetown Festival of Arts, Toronto's longest running community festival, took place last weekend, September 6th-7th. Our team, as big supporters of the event and Cabbagetown community visited the festival and we had an amazing time. Here are a few photos from the event!

10 Things International Buyers and Sellers Need to Know

One of the major influences in today's real estate market is the foreign buyer. So buyers and sellers, who are buying in Canada or the United States need to know a few things before they make that move. It's a very big investment, but before you move ahead, here's 10 things that you need to know.

Photo Report: CNE and Labour Day

The Entrance The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE), known also as The Ex, is an event leading up to and including Canadian Labour Day. It's one of the largest annual events in North America and the largest one in Canada. These 18 days are full of fun, food, rides, games and entertainment. The first CNE exhibition

Fresh Home’n’Garden: The Urban Great Outdoors

The website for Toronto's Fresh Home and Garden describes the store as "one of Canada's most significant outdoor furnishings retailers." Even if you find this boast hard to swallow, it's also hard not to be even slightly impressed by the place.

Alex Pino – Reflections

I have known Alex Pino for years as a very successful real estate broker, but it was not until I moved to Sotheby's International Realty Canada that I was exposed to his great skills and talents as a photographer.

Jonathan Castellino: I Imagine a City in Which We Hide Less

"Photography is always a journey, and not a destination. But I can only speak for myself. The idea of abstracting "moments" fascinates and motivates my work. I have always held that it is not answers, but questions that we seek in our lives." - Toronto photographer, Jonathan Castellino.