New Delhi: Global Luxury Realty Conclave

Richard has recently attended an exciting event in New Delhi, India. The beautiful venues at The Taj Palace Hotel hosted a variety of guests who were eager to witness Global Luxury Realty Conclave. A first of its kind convention and exhibition of India and International Luxury Real Estate India, the two trillion dollar economy, has

International Real Estate: London is still London

From the United States to Great Britain, there is a lot of anxiety about the future and that kind of instability can have a strong impact on housing prices around the globe. While the situation South of the border is still too fresh to fully assess the situation, there is much talk of what will

What a City Slicker Needs to Know When Buying a Cottage

A few hours north of the congestion and pollution of the country’s largest city lies an oasis of solitude. A place where people can breathe fresh pine-tinted air, cannonball into crystal-clear water, or just sit around a fire under the stars. Ontario’s cottage country has been an escape for city-dwellers for generations. Every summer a

Part 2: Update: Taiwan & Beijing

As I write this report of the second week of our trip I am sitting on a High Speed train travelling at over 300 kilometres per hour. It seems that the past few days have been a similar journey.

Part 1: Asia Update: First Stop, Hong Kong!

So far this is an incredible experience. Not only meeting sources of future business but also learning more about how real estate is done here so that we can understand expectations of the Asian buyer.

Exceptional Estates Abound in Beautiful Caledon

Just north of Toronto and 30-45 minutes from Pearson International airport lies the rolling hills and stately mansions and estates of the Town of Caledon, Ontario. For many years those looking for a home away from the hustle and bustle of the big city have opted for property in Caledon. It is home to a large number of spacious, treed lots with streams and horse farms, as a well as friendly neighbours and plenty of fresh air.

The Fuss about UBER

The Toronto taxi business should rise to the occasion and not try to shut UBER down. Provide great experiences and give people the choice and let the consumer make the decision.

Attracting Chinese Investment

My colleagues, Jim Burtnick, Tracy An and I will be going to Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Taiwan on a trade mission in the fall of 2015. At the moment, we are making connections with REALTORS in those locations as a part of the preparation for our trip. We've also decided to take closer look at the current market situation and the trend of Chinese investing in Canadian real estate. We've talked to David Smith, a Toronto mortgage expert and here's what we found out.

Top 5 Toronto Boutique Art Galleries You Must Visit Now II.

Toronto has always been a centre of hustle and bustle, creating a niche that has placed the city among the list of most likeable places in the world every year. As the city climbs the chart of popularity it takes everything associated with it to the same height: that includes art galleries, too.

Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Canadian Museum for Human Rights is the first museum dedicated to the evolution, celebration and future of human rights. It was established by Parliament in 2008 and envisioned as a national and international destination, a centre of learning, where Canadians and people from all around the world can engage in discussions and commit to taking action against hate and oppression.

Top 5 Travel Apps

These apps were designed to make our lives considerably easier, and we have to admit that they've done their job well! Never before has travelling the globe been so hassle-free.

REBarCamp New York and Real Estate Connect 2014

Every year after a Holiday period with friends and family, I start my year with a trip to New York for Real Estate Connect and REBarCamp New York. These 4 or 5 days of spending time with the brightest minds in my business bring me back to the Toronto spring market stimulated and full of ideas.