Monthly Archives: February 2009

CMHC: The Toronto Real Estate Scene

This morning at the Toronto Condo Network meeting our guest was Dana Senagama, Senior Market Analyst for Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation who presented a report on the GTA  Housing Market 2009/10 . Please pardon the point form but here are some of the notes that I took on issues discussed: Resale Market: CMHC is predicting a 20%

The Canadian Economy: An Outsider's Viewpoint

Fareed Zacharia of CNN has written an article for February’s Newsweek that is a must read for all Canadians, especially our “naysayers”. It is in the US Edition and is called a Worthwhile Canadian Initiative. It is an outsider’s view of the Canadian Banking system and the Canadian Economy in general.  I suggest you have a read and

What's In A Real Estate Blog??

About six months ago, I started blogging and have really enjoyed the process. It gives me a chance to put down in writing and in an organized fashion some of the questions I get asked on a regular basis. As the day progresses, I make a mental note to settle my thoughts on the issues that

What's Really New About Web 2.0?

At a recent MLS and Technology Council Forum in Quebec City the focus was Web 2.0 and its place in the future of Real Estate. There was lots of great discussions about adapting Agent, Corporate and Board/Association products to Web 2.0, looking at consumer habits, how they were changing with Social Networking and could organized