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Casey Hospice House

Casey House celebrated its 25th anniversary this year. And this amazing organization still needs our support.

On March 1, 1988, amid all the chaos emerged a hope in Canada for all those who didn’t know where to turn. That ray of light was Casey House — Canada’s first standalone AIDS facility and Ontario’s first freestanding hospice. Volunteers, including social activist June Callwood, defied the stigma surrounding this newly emerging disease and created Casey House as a beacon of compassion and hope for all those affected by HIV/AIDS.

The founders of the Casey House wanted to create a place where people with HIV/AIDS would be cared for with dignity and kindness. And they succeeded.

I worked at the Casey House Hospice in downtown Toronto. It all started with writing charitable receipts for donations, and within a few years, I became the Chair of Fundraising, then a Board Member, and finally the President. It was a great experience to help people, providing them with the care and compassion they needed so much.

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