Richard Silver’s September Real Estate Update


Summer is almost over and it has been a really busy one. No holidays but lots of retooling of my office and working with a new client care manager, Tania Bettencourt.

Tania and I are working hard on some new technology that will help Sherille and I be more nimble and have easy access by way of “The Cloud” to all of our shared files. We are also starting to use “Docusign” which is a form management system that allows Buyers, Sellers and Agents to view, initial and sign documents with ease and clarity that has been missing in the years of faxing as buyers and sellers get farther, and farther afield.

Richard with nephew
“But it’s not all about work! Here we are with our great nephew on the Riverdale farm! I have been a sponsor of the farm and would encourage others to do so. It can easily be done through a donation machine near the entrance to the farm.” photo by Joel S. Silver

As you can see from the market report below, August 2013 was a very strong August historically and September has started out with a bang. Lots of great new listings have come to the market with the assistance of our retooled team, Sotheby’s International Realty Canada, and my web gurus at Foliovision.

If you are like me and view September as the start of your business year, then I think we are off to a great start…

If you are thinking of selling, buying or both, please let us know so that we can assist.

Richard Silver

The Torontoism Team

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