Jack Zhang

Customer Relationship Manager


Jack was born in China and immigrated to Canada at the age of 9. He speaks fluent Mandarin.

He knew since he was a little boy that a career in real estate was the perfect choice for him, as he has a passion for architecture and loves working with people.

He manages the software for customer relations to ensure the team stays up to date with all clients and provide consistently high quality service.

Jack 出生于中国,9岁时移民加拿大。他说流利的普通话。自从他很小的时候,房地产事业已经是他的最佳选择,因为他对建筑有热情,和喜欢与人合作。他管理客户关系软件,确保团队与所有客户保持最新状态,并提供始终如一的优质服务。

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