What I Learned at NAR 2008, Orlando…

I’m just back from my yearly pilgrimage to NAR (National Association of REALTORS) Conference, this year held in Orlando, Florida. There is usually no need to work out every morning as the venue is so massive and courses are so far between, that the need for daily exercise is totally negated. Two days of 10-12 hour sleeps are definitely what the doctor ordered on return and I am not a party-person (my latest night never passed 11 PM).

It takes a while for all the stimuli to gel into some comprehensive vision so bear with me. It is always interesting to get 20,000 plus A-type personalities in one place listening to a number of Triple-A type personalities discuss the Real Estate Market, Motivation, Technology, MLS Issues, Politics and my favourite, Restaurants and FOOD!!

There were all the best motivators in the marketplace starting with Mickey Mouse (Disney Institute), Gary Keller (Millionaire Systems), Howard Brinton (Star Power), and even Lance Armstrong (Mr. Tour de France). There was lots of discussion of Social Marketing with Dustin Luther (4Realz.net), Jeff Turner (RealEstateShows), Theresa Boardman (St. Paul Real Estate Blog), Inez Hegedus-Garcia (Miamism), Ginger Wilcox (Marin Real Estate Guide). A great session by Stefan Swanepoel (Swanepoel.com) and Lawrence Yun (Realtor.org) as well as a very directional presentation by David Meerman Scott called “The New Rules of Marketing and PR”(the same name as his book and a must read).

It goes without saying that the networking was fast and furious on both sides of the border and there were probably 400-500 Canadians in attendance, sharing thoughts, ideas and thinking about new ways to move their Business and Boards/Associations forward.

These Conferences are not for the faint of heart when it comes to change and shift and like the theme of this years Conference noted: Full Speed Ahead, Destination, Success…. more to come….

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  1. Hey Richard!
    It was such a pleasure to meet you and still can’t believe you didn’t go past 11:00 PM every night – that’s when the rest of us were getting started! ;) But then again, I’m from Miami and complaining places closed at 2:00 AM

    Looking forward to reading your blog and if you ever need help with anything, you know where to find me!

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