Real Estate: Seth Godin Strikes Again

head-clickme2If you have not signed up for Seth Godin’s Blog you should.

It comes every morning to my inbox as an RSS feed (Really Simple Syndication), is short and poignant and often has some very good viewpoints. Today I was especially pleased to see that it was about REALTORS and some of the claims that they make in the public forum.

Here is Seth’s Blog: August 9th, 2009:

The danger of vague claims

The sign the broker posted in front of the house listed her name and then said, “#1 in Westchester, Top 10 Nationwide.”

What does that mean, exactly? That this real estate broker is the most successful broker in the whole county and one of the top ten in the country? I don’t think so. Not if she’s selling this house. She’d have to sell a thousand houses like this to catch up with someone in a fancier neighborhood who only sells ten.

I think it means that the firm she works for is really big. So what? Is that a qualification for anything? Is the 11th biggest real estate firm way less good than the ninth?
Here’s the danger: when the very first interaction we have is one where you are sort of not telling the relevant truth, where do we go from here?

My Comments:

Every time I see one Realtor or another claiming they are number one, it begs the question, “Where does the client fit in?”  Thanks Seth, I could not agree with you more.

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6 Replies to “Real Estate: Seth Godin Strikes Again”

  1. And I agree with YOU Richard.

    “Where does the cient fit in?”

    As a service provider and a customer, I don’t give a hoot who is number one. For me it’s all about character, service, and competence. The fact that the claim is (perhaps deliberately) ambiguous, clouds the issue (of integrity and honesty) even more!

    Nice post. I like Seth too!

    Did you know that if you e-mail him, he answers?


  2. The “Number One” stuff has been a thorn in the side of REALTORS for a long time. Too many do it and it becomes meaningless…

    I have emailed him and he did answer. I was also lucky enough to hear him speak at a Conference but…appreciate his words much more now.

  3. Hi Richard;

    I agree with you. The effect of personal promotion is a dead dinosaur; clients don’t care if we’re #1, #2, or #99… so long as we get the job done for them in a manner that they expect.

    Too many agents are still spending lots of money bragging about themselves, rather than providing the service to their clients.

    Personally, I hope they keep it up. It’s easy for me to gobble up their business by providing excellent and focused service to my clients!

    John Carle
    ReMax Real Estate
    Edmonton, AB

  4. Richard, thanks so much for the heads-up about Seth Godin’s blog. Concise and enjoyable reading. I’ve subscribed.

    My clients don’t care if I’m #1 or #10. They just care that I’m working hard for them, to get the job done properly and in a timely fashion.

    Cheers, Sandra
    Sandra Jackson
    Royal LePage Urban Realty
    Toronto, Ontario

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