Social Media Marketing Summit: Branding and Customer Service.

photo_cur_sizeJust now sitting and listening to George O’Neill  as he talks about the power of  BRAND at the Social Media Marketing Summit  out in the east end of Toronto.

When you talk of brand it is hard not to think about STARBUCKS and APPLE: the attendees made lots of comments about the staff in each store, the positive atmosphere, the ability to tailor make the product for the consumer…but at the end of the day it is really excellent customer service and engagement of the consumer…

 My thoughts: No matter what business you are in or what service you provide there is nothing better for your brand than great customer service….at present my wireless provider, a very well known band in Canada has completely dropped the ball in Customer service…so much so that they will soon losee me as a client. Yet, I have friends and clients who work on their sales staff and know them to be creative and hardworking…how sad is it when they are not backed up by as good a customer service experience. To know that all their hard work in sales is being poorly served in an area that they have no control over is very very sad and is an excellent demonstration of how important both are in branding.

It is a lesson for us all in Branding and Customer Service; they are tied together and both important.

Feel free to add your thoughts below and can you guess who my Wireless provider is?

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