REAL ESTATE: January 2010 Article in "Today’s Buyer’s Rep".

Almost a year ago I travelled to Chicago to sit in on a day of “rebooting” a course offered by REBAC,  the Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Council of the National Association of REALTORS.  The course was called Innovative Marketing  and after a day of meetings and numerous subject matter discussions the course was relaunched in November of 2009.

“REBAC is the world’s largest organization of real estate professionals focusing on BUYER representation. By providing specialized training and ongoing skill development, REBAC helps its members—and the home buyers who work with them—experience more successful real estate transactions.”

Since last year I have sat on the Advisory Council of REBAC  and in early December 2009 was interviewed for the article attached, both a great honour. Hope you enjoy the will give you a sense of how our business has changed in the past years…to read it easily you may choose the full screen version.

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  2. Any more news on your Toronto Real Estate convention..

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