Are you too old for tech? Why it’s not about age.

Are you too old for tech? Why it’s not about age. 1A very wise person once told me that “successful people get results and unsuccessful people get excuses”. Since then I have tried to live life with no excuses. It is a constant challenge to keep that promise, and the “age” excuse is the one the keeps boiling to the top; it’s the easiest one to indulge….

No matter where I travel, when the topic of technology/change comes up, I hear “I’m too old to change” and they are usually younger than I am.

Don’t become Blockbuster

The sad reality is, if you don’t welcome change you could become the next Blockbuster Video. 10 years ago they had it all until the small upstart Netflix made the conversion from warehousing to online downloadable movies. Blockbuster watched their market share shrink and their stores close. Is that the business model that you would like to follow? Is that the life model that will guide your future? Are you ready to retire?

Today’s toys are tomorrow’s tools: The iPad launched in April 2010, the modern day cell phone in the early 1980’s, smart phones in 2000, the modern car is just over 100 years old, yet very few homes are without them today.

When change confronts us, lines in the sand are drawn but you would be aghast today if someone told you they did not drive a car, or have a phone number. We adapted and we learned.

Does age force that adaptation to stop or do we just feel overwhelmed and tired? There is no doubt that the amount of change has increased but is slowing it down the answer or is engaging new technology the solution…why not bring back that child’s sense of wonder?

Nobody in today’s working world was born into technology…we have all had to adapt. Each one of us will make our own personal decisions but we now live in a digital world and need to get used to it.

In my 50’s I found myself parenting my parents…the hardest job I undertook and was never trained for…but I did it because there were no options. Did I really believe it when I was promised that life would get easier as I got older? I was set up and fell for it!

What’s the ROI of change?

What was the ROI (return on investment) in looking after our parents and children? We do it because it had to be done…The ROI of change is engagement in the world. Not engaging is like saying you want to stop living, stop moving forward and hide…is that realistic?

Change is the only constant in our lives, no matter what age…embrace it, enjoy it, get used to it, and celebrate it. Stop using age as an excuse…

If you think you don’t like change, I know you will like irrelevance even less…

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2 Replies to “Are you too old for tech? Why it’s not about age.”

  1. I find the more new gadgets that come onto the market, the easier it is for some older people to use them. I have some older clients who are confounded by computers, but absolutely LOVE their iPads because they find the touch-to-use experience much more intuitive and easy to use. As it gets easier for even the non-tech savvy people to get online, it becomes even more important for businesses to connect there.

    Great post!

  2. Great post. I totally agree. My father is 74 years old, worked 50 years as a blue collar worker, and has embraced technology. Technology can be confusing and overwhelming, and with everyone talking about how important social media, and web presents is to be in your business, I understand how hard it is to make those simple changes, even though they feel drastic. The ones who adapt quicker are the ones who will weather the change. Anyway, I am with you. Great post, thanks for sharing.


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