Banff Western Connection 2013

MountainsOne of my favourite Conferences happens out in Banff every two years. It is a stimulating few days in one of Canada’s most picturesque settings and brings the four Western Provinces together.

I  was honoured to be have been asked to participate in the first REBarCamp at the Banff Western Connection. It was a shorter format and somewhat more formal than normal but at the end of the day there was a lot of very good sharing and engagement of the audience.

I began hosting the REBarCampBWC with a discussion of “Top Ten Tips for Creating a Successful REBarCamp” . For a PDF of these top ten tips look here.

Lots of the discussion surrounded the strong drive to make our offices and the business less paper dependent. Going Paperless seems to be the most recent trend and getting Realtors, who still remember carbon copies and Typewriters. Time and leadership will have a lot to do with a major change like “Going Paperless”.

We had a great keynote address by David Chilton of “Wealthy Barber” fame. A great guy who lives modestly and is a great proponent of living within your means…What a concept!!

It is always a great event for networking and as Toronto is the home to so many non-born Torontonians there is a definite advantage to be here and networking. The time away at a Conference has never not benefitted my sellers in Toronto as I get constant referrals from connections made…the next two days will be very hectic and after the weekend, as I pull myself exhausted back into my Toronto office, I know there will be someone who says…”So how was your holiday in Banff??”  If they only came with, they would know…




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