"I am NOT number one…you are!!"

Number one sign on fingerI live on a street that is what I like to call North Cabbagetown or South Rosedale. It is much papered by agents looking to offer their services to Real Estate clients….not much different from other neighborhoods in the City of Toronto .

What really struck me today as I looked though the mail is that three excellent agents, who I do know work the area, all claimed that they were the #1 agent in the area. I was confused…and if I am confused, being a REALTOR®, how does the consumer feel?

I tried that kind of marketing years ago and I decided to stop it because it struck me that if I claim to be number one, does that make my client number two.

I have always thought the customer was number one and my job was to make sure they are well served. I have tried to run my business that way and I am now revamping and restarting a new marketing campaign:

“I am NOT number one…you are!!”

Wonder if that new campaign will lead to as much business as claiming to be number one does for my colleagues….

3 Replies to “"I am NOT number one…you are!!"”

  1. That’s a really good point. The customer is always #1 no matter what industry we are talking about. One of my friends is in the industry and has been for about the same time you have been and just like you he has done very well for himself. He tells me don’t believe the B.S. because there surely is a lot of it in the industry. He has his system as I’m sure you have yours. A lot of people try to get into Real Estate because they think they can make a fast buck. They soon find out that their expenses outpace their commissions. My friend doesn’t like to cut commissions and engage in undercutting either although many agents are into that sort of business practice. People tend to get emotional with this process of buying and selling and they get attracted to agents for different reasons, maybe one guy spends a lot of promoting himself on large billboards or another guy has a fancy business card. An ounce of image really doesn’t equal a pound of performance. There are no iron clad guarantees especially if the property is overpriced its going to sit on the market. I’m from the school of thought as you are that marketing counts so spending some money on marketing is money well spent. Agents who have the best interest of the client in mind are few in far between, most want the commission cheque as fast as they can get it. In seeing this blog with the videos and information I see a man in Richard Silver that not only cares about his clients but wants to educate people on different areas. I happen to be from Toronto born and raised here but for someone new just coming into the city to plant roots this blog is an excellent resource tool. Keep up the good work.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more Richard. I too stopped promoting myself as number one about 20 years ago, shortly after I got into the business and when I realized that the client is really number one. Since then my motto has been “take care of number one (the client) and they will take care of number two (me)”. I would like to see this philosophy grow into a movement. With your permission Richard, I would like to write a short piece about this in my next news letter and refer to your blog/comment. I’m personally frightened with some of what I see coming.

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