Susan’s Most Amazing Rib Recipe

Susan’s Most Amazing Rib Recipe

There are times when this blog must deal with really important issues and this is one of them: FOOD!!

My friend Susan, a great cook, but also a dynamite Business woman ( those are not divergent in one person, however, I digress) is known far and wide for her Award Winning Rib Recipe. I have made it a couple of times at home, though it seems daunting at first, the most difficult part is getting all the spices together for the rub that begins the process. This Rub can also be used will Chicken and Seafood and when making the Ribs try them with Beef Prime Ribs as well as Pork (just don't tell my grandmother as she kept a Kosher home).

Susan has graciously consented to allowing me to Blog her ribs as the only thing I'm am known for is my almost Flawless Popcorn that recipe will follow at a later date. Make these ribs and you will be really glad that you read this very important blog so will your friends and family!! Let me know what they think!

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    Richard what do you recommend as a side dish with the

    1. Richard Silver Post author

      What could beat some fresh corn on the cob or mashed/baked potatoes. Not exactly “Jenny Craig”. Last time I called Jenny Craig, she hung up on me!!

  2. Dorothy Davis

    I have been present at many meals where Susan has served her award winning ribs. Although not a meat eater, I can attest to Richard’s acclamation. Amidst the licking of fingers, the “mmm’s” and “awww’s”, it is hard to get a word in edgewise….although I do try. If you want more friends or you want to impress–make the ribs!

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