How to Realistically Save for a Down-payment in Toronto

A recent survey by Point2Homes found that while 66 per cent of millennials had an interest in buying a home, half had savings significantly below the national average down payment ($25,000) and 12 per cent didn’t have anything aside. What’s more, 70 per cent of millennials believed that for a down payment they would need …

Enjoying summer in Toronto

Stay home this weekend and enjoy all Toronto has to offer. You may be surprised! It is Heaven without the six-hour drive! However, if you are someone who must leave Toronto on the weekend then we love you for doing so…Saturday or Sunday shopping at Costco or IKEA and actually having parking available…unbelievable!

To Renovate or to Relocate

The words “Toronto” and “condo” have become synonymous. There’s no avoiding them. It seems as though every week more are commissioned, and half a week later a cluster of three or four high-rise, garden-topped buildings appear. Different people will experience this influx of infrastructure differently, but there’s no denying it’s changing Toronto, and the change …

Shopping for Mortgages: Millennials versus Baby Boomers

Members of various demographic groups shop for mortgages in different ways. Do the contrasts in the way the baby boomers and the millennials shop for mortgages tell us something about modern home buying? You bet. A pair of mortgage professionals recently took the time to chat about the way Canadians of different generations think debt …

What a City Slicker Needs to Know When Buying a Cottage

A few hours north of the congestion and pollution of the country’s largest city lies an oasis of solitude. A place where people can breathe fresh pine-tinted air, cannonball into crystal-clear water, or just sit around a fire under the stars. Ontario’s cottage country has been an escape for city-dwellers for generations. Every summer a …

The Torontoism Team’s Role Models

We look up to them. They are our parents, mentors, teachers, partners in both business and life. Everybody needs a role model just like every experienced sailor needs to rely on a map and a compass. Essentially, just like the sailor has a destination, we too strive for the best of our future self.

People of Toronto: Dayna Gedney

I grew up at St. Claire and Dufferin, and my grandmother’s down at Dufferin and Bloor, and my other grandmother’s at Runnymede. We’re definitely a West End kind of crew.