INDIA: The Trip of a Lifetime

INDIA: The Trip of a Lifetime 1It was almost a year ago today that we were preparing to head off on our “Trip of a Lifetime” to India. It was everything we hoped for and more. It is with horror that we heard of the attacks in Mumbai this past week.

India is a country of contrast; rich and poor, young and old, history and modernism, beauty and ugliness…The Indian people are lovely, welcoming, peaceful people, with a history of art, music and dance.

INDIA: The Trip of a Lifetime 2INDIA: The Trip of a Lifetime 3Rather than saying any more, follow this link to the photos we took of the Indian people, artifacts, hotels. If you have never been there, please make plans to go as a means of showing your support. If you already have plans to go to India and you are thinking of cancelling them, please do not….that way the Terrorists have won.

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