For Real Estate, This Year's Colour is "GREEN".

For Real Estate, This Year's Colour is "GREEN". 1It seems as if every time I open my mail, emails, newspaper, TV, radio etc. there is more movement on “GREEN” issues. I do support the GREEN movement even though I own an SUV (remember I work from home and my commute is from my bedroom to my office…also small cars look funny with the For Sale Signs hanging out the back window). When we bought our new house, we upgraded the perfectly good 60% efficiency Furnace, washer and dryer, with Hi-efficiency appliances and 95% efficiency Furnace. We upped the insulation in the roof as well as a new covering with higher R-factor for its covering and what we buy for our home, we buy with an eye to conservation.

I must admit that I am confused as to who sets the standards that we should be hold as our goals, that’s why I was excited the other day to hear that Carson Dunlop, The Consulting Engineers are now doing ecoEnergy Assessments. Carson Dunlop are recognized as the leading Building Inspectors in the region and have prepared a document that you should read called “Saving Money While Saving The Planet“. It is an excellent update of Federal and Provincial rebates that you can access and there is information about the steps that you need to follow. These changes will not only save you money, but they can contribute to increasing the value of your home.

For more information follow the links above to the documents. If you need more clarity on their program contact them direct at 416-964-9415 or 800-268-7070.

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  1. It’s amazing how many people still are not aware of the availability of these excellent programs. I imagine it won’t be long before home buyers will want a “green assessment” done much like a standard home inspection BEFORE they buy and it’s a good idea for homeowners to update now. Good for them, good for the pocketbook and good for the earth.

  2. Thanks Marg,

    You are right on and I think we should all be prepared for this eventuality over the next few years. The market will certainly dictate it. Buyers want more and energy assessments fit that bill.

  3. Carson Dunlop is an excellent providor, and are new to the ecoEnergy game. There are some great businesses that have been doing this work in Toronto for decades that deserve kudos for pioneering this recently popularized industry, namely Green Communites Canada, and Green $aver. Green Saver can be reached at 416 203 3106.

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