Twitter Tweets from Interview with Jean Chretien at the CREA Leadership Conference 2009

jeanchrc3a9tienThis past Sunday at the Canadian Real Estate Association Leadership Conference in Gatineau, Quebec we were all charmed by by an interview with Right Honourable Jean Chretien. It was interesting to hear this past Prime Minister of Canada, relaxed and being interviewed in front of us by a CREA Staff Member about his life in Politics and Leadership. I must admit to not being a great fan of his as Prime Minister but I found him very insightful, relaxed, self effacing and funny and I started Twittering some thoughts. I soon realized that there were some good points and thought you might enjoy reading the Twitter stream of Tweets!

Sitting at CREA watching the Right Honourable Jean Chretien speak about Leadership. Public life for 40 years and nine months.. from TweetDeck

Jean Chretien says the worst thing about Capitalism is the Capitalists and that is the reason for the recession from TweetDeck

Chretien is just returned from Kazakhstan where a lot of the financial activity has come to a stop or slowdown from TweetDeck

Chretien thinks that we have reached the bottom and we are on the way up… from TweetDeck

Chretien led Canada out of a much larger recession. He says that this is very different because Canada has kept it’s debt load down from TweetDeck

Chretien thinks that the dominance of the US has been crushed over the last 5 years…the Empire concept does not work. from TweetDeck

Chretien believes that IRAQ was ill conceived and is glad that Canada did not get into the war there from TweetDeck

Chretien thinks that the Canadian Prime Minister must keep distance from the US President to not be perceived as the 51st state. from TweetDeck

Chretien says that as a leader you must always have people around who will tell you the truth rather than what they think you want to hear from TweetDeck

Chretien is very self deprecating and funny…never knew he had such a great sense of humour. Very funny! from TweetDeck

Chretien says the cost of separation would be much more expensive that the campaigns to keep it together from TweetDeck

Chretien says that you should not look back…his technique was always undersell and over perform. A great technique for Leadership from TweetDeck

Chretien says “What makes Canada a great country is we are not Doctrinaire but are guided by values”. We have great safety nets  from TweetDeck

It is important that the Real Estate Industry in Canada has not run scared. He loves RE, he invested in Houses rather than the Stock Market from TweetDeck

Chretien says that we must keep supporting Canada as there are millions around the world who would love to come and “share our misery”! from TweetDeck

Chretien says that the best example of Democracy is the Parti Quebecois from TweetDeck

Chretien says that it is important ot have an Army that we can afford. It must be specialized. We must look objectively & hard to debate from TweetDeck

Chretien says that the most influential person is his wife because she “told him the Truth!!” from TweetDeck

Chretien says political life is like skating on thin ice…you are always close to disaster from TweetDeck

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