Twitter Tweets from Interview with Jean Chretien at the CREA Leadership Conference 2009

jeanchrc3a9tienThis past Sunday at the Canadian Real Estate Association Leadership Conference in Gatineau, Quebec we were all charmed by by an interview with Right Honourable Jean Chretien. It was interesting to hear this past Prime Minister of Canada, relaxed and being interviewed in front of us by a CREA Staff Member about his life in Politics and Leadership. I must admit to not being a great fan of his as Prime Minister but I found him very insightful, relaxed, self effacing and funny and I started Twittering some thoughts. I soon realized that there were some good points and thought you might enjoy reading the Twitter stream of Tweets!

Sitting at CREA watching the Right Honourable Jean Chretien speak about Leadership. Public life for 40 years and nine months..

Jean Chretien says the worst thing about Capitalism is the Capitalists and that is the reason for the recession

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