Musings: Who Are Your Friends?

iStock_000004107146XSmallRecently I was listening to a friend of mine describe a familial relationship that has been toxic for many years and it got me thinking about the number of people one has in one’s life that are a positive influence…and the one’s that are not…

I am not sure why we do it, but sometimes we are comfortable with people around us who do not really wish us well. They are the ones we turn to when things are not going as we had hoped because we know they will lend a sympathetic ear. They enjoy our down moments, like to be needed, and are not really happy for us as we dig ourselves out of a rut.

How many friends do you have today that you can really say want the best for you? Why would you have friends and family around who don’t? Why would you continue to have those people into your life?

And you? Are you the “sympathetic ear” or are you the “kick in the butt” your friends really need?

Which one is the better friend and which one are you?

The world is full of wonderful supportive people and I would like to really thank all those who “Kick us in the butt” from time-to-time!

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