Need Help to Declutter and Downsize?

My friend and client Ann Christie has begun a great new business to help people “Declutter and Downsize”. I have known her for years and think this is a great service she is providing that all of us can use from time to time. I have no qualms at all in referring her to you. In fact, I may be calling her to help me attack my closets….doubt I will be wearing those pants with a 32 inch waist…unless they have elastic ….

Here is some information from Ann the Downsizing GURU! :

Has your home become overrun with clutter and you just don’t know how to deal with all the ‘stuff’ that you’ve collected? Don’t worry, there’s a new service in town designed specifically to help you with this dilemma – it’s called Declutter and Downsize.  We offer a range of practical and effective services for home organization. Depending on your situation, we will help you organize your current home or manage the details involved in relocating.

Ann Christie, Founder of Declutter and Downsize understands that everyone accumulates ‘stuff’.  Too quickly it’s a struggle, and often paralyzing, to figure out where to start or how you will ever get organized again.  That’s why Declutter and Downsize was started. 

The process begins with a free one hour consultation, in your home, to learn more about you, your requirements and wishes. From there a plan and timeline are developed for carrying out the decluttering or downsizing process together. We work with you to sort and organize your belongings to determine what to keep, what to give away to family or friends, what to sell or donate and finally, what to recycle or discard.  Your space will be transformed into organized functional areas that are easy to maintain, and if you are downsizing, you can look forward to a worry-free move. During the transition you will learn the skills involved in preserving an orderly home.

 To see how Declutter and Downsize can be of service to you, please call 416-961-1406 or email









3 Replies to “Need Help to Declutter and Downsize?”

  1. I can see this working with neglected houses. This is the first time I’ve heard of a company which specializes in cleaning and organizing your task. Do they also include relocating costs such as moving furniture to a new destination?

  2. Hello Richard, thanks for replying. I think its a real treat if you can leave the organizing to someone else. I’m reckon she can organize your place to a way that is very logical to the point that anyone would be happy with. I think she would be very helpful for organizing materials in a new accommodation.

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