Neighbourhoods: Cabbagetown Is Going To The Dogs!!!

20061111_198_edited-1I decided many years ago, and am now convinced, that in my next life I plan to come back as a dog.  Now that major life decision has been made, I also would like to live that next life in the Cabbagetown Neighbourhood  of  Toronto.

I would have lots of friends close by to hang with and when I get tired of smelling their butts, I would have some children to play ball with…. My owners would be able to take me to the Off-leash Park  at the bottom of the hill at the end of Carlton Street (Riverdale Park ). Not many places where a good dog like me can be off-leash in the City…Hopefully my owners would bring two balls to play with, one after the other (no way I’m bringing back one ball till they throw the next)…well, unless there are treats involved of course…Ice Cream being my favourite…Let me tell you, it is important to know how to train your owners from day one!

When I really get hot, instead of doing my “Victory Lap ” with the ball in my teeth to show who is the “best pup ever”, I could just plunk myself down in one of the dark brown mud puddles…Hey, it is their idea to get me washed and groomed….I am quite happy with my own ministrations…and my smells.Dirty Beau

Parliament Street  has got a few good places where a mutt could get a drink, the Sweet Creamery  offers water (Ice cream would be a bigger hit) and of course, Starbucks can always be counted on for a sniff, squirt and a slurp. 

When my owners get stressed, I would get them to drop me at UrbanDog , the Doggie Day Care. I get to hang out with friends, humans, all the treats I can beg, monthly Birthday Parties (if I agree to wear those pointed party hats I get to eat Birthday Cake) and every few months I would have to endure a bath and a cut…

The only problems are that in May and September the Cabbagetown humans have these events called, Forsythia Festival  and the Cabbagetown Festival ….for the Forsythia Festival I have to wear a yellow ribbon and at the Cabbagetown Festival there is so much going on that my sniffer is constantly confused and my owners don’t let me out on the Streets to help with the clean up. I would happily be a Volunteer Clean Up Dog….even if it means my owners may have to put me in diapers for a couple of days after…

Anyway, my next life looks pretty impressive…and the best part of it is…that I will be a good Cabbagetown Dawg! untitled

3 Replies to “Neighbourhoods: Cabbagetown Is Going To The Dogs!!!”

  1. Hey Richard – Bring your guy to the Cabbagetown Festival parade. This year, we’re welcoming any dog who brings his or her owner. We’ll give away treats, a souvenir bandana, and a chance to enter the Doggy Beauty Contest. 9:30 am, Wellesley and Parliament. The parade route goes south to Gerrard and west to Ontario. There’ll be water bowls and poop bags along the way. We hope to see you there.

  2. Hey Richard the life you have now is terrific too..
    You have a beautiful Poodle.. And you should be in
    charge of the tourism of Cabbagetown more often…
    Because you do a terrific job..!!!!Love this story..
    And putting your own dog in it too.. Bet Beau likes
    to go down Parliament Street.. and visit those places.
    The Ice Store is the best Ice Cream… Looking forward
    to the Festival in September…You did it you just told people that don’t know Cabbage Town where to go
    with their dogs.. and what to do with them..THANKS

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