Toronto gets a taste of Quebec at the Thompson Landry Gallery

Toronto gets a taste of Quebec at the Thompson Landry Gallery

Thompson Landry Gallery provides a platform to Quebec artists in reaching out to a large number of Torontonians.

A visit to the Thompson Landry Gallery feels like walking down the bygone era where you are greeted with an old charm of the Victorian-era industrial architecture. Adding cherry to the cake, the gallery is nestled in the Distillery District, which is a National Historic Site that comprises of more than 40 heritage buildings and 10 streets.

“We were not looking for a white background when deciding a backdrop for our gallery,”

quipped Joanne Thompson, owner of Thompson Landry Gallery who explained the reason for choosing the location.

Thompson Landry Gallery fb
Thompson Landry Gallery – current exhibition

“The Distillery District is unique and it resonates with the ideology of what our gallery stands for and that is to have a distinctive image”.

The gallery that opened its door to public in March 2006 is surely one of its kind as it only showcases the works of Quebec artists.

“Toronto could be an intimidating city especially for artists from Quebec who many times find it challenging to display their artistic talent in this city. We, through our gallery, provide a platform to these artists in reaching out to a large number of Torontonians as well as international visitors,”

said Joanne who with her partner Sylvain Landry has built a little Quebec in one of the most popular attractions in Toronto.

Thompson Landry Gallery fb3 Art Toronto 2014
Thompson Landry Gallery – Art Toronto 2014

It is not necessary that the painting, sculpture, glass work, or photography that are placed against the original limestone and exposed brick and plaster walls at the gallery should have any reference to Quebec.

“On the contrary, the display should be able to move us with its visual style, clear language and vision portraying their actual feeling through the creations and create diversity,” stated Joanne.

This 7000 square feet gallery comprises of two distinct spaces – The Stone Distillery Building, and The Cooperage Space. It has an eclectic mix of works from modern contemporary artists to those of historical significance and is displayed in the great master of Quebec section.

“We currently have 40 artists on roster whose works are recognized not only in Canada as well as internationally. We also take one or two new artists ever year,” said Joanne.

Thompson Landry Gallery fb5
Thompson Landry Gallery 

The gallery holds five-six solo exhibitions in a year and the artwork is changed after six-eight weeks.

“Continuous update to our display is very important as it generates interest in clients who always look forward to see new exhibits. This also sends out a message stating the level of seriousness of the gallery in its business and speaks volumes about our professionalism,” she stated.

The gallery entertains about 1000 visitors every day during the Christmas Market (November- December). For other months the number of visitors to the gallery varies. The price of the paintings ranges from $600-$130,000 and caters to varied clients.

The Thompson Landry Gallery with its unique mandate of all Quebec, all the time has certainly grabbed attention of many and is playing a small part in bringing the two cities a little closer. It has definitely shaped a level of respect among Quebec artists and Toronto residents creating a bond of admiration and appreciation between artists and art lovers.

Thompson Landry Gallery fb6 Art Toronto 2014
Thompson Landry Gallery – Art Toronto 2014

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  1. I love the Distillery District and its artsy atmosphere. It’s my favourite hangout place recently. I’ve heard about this gallery from a friend, but didn’t know it’s so special.
    I’ll definitely check it out!

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