Support Torontoism’s Ryerson University Lifeline Syria Challenge fundraising team!

Support Torontoism’s Ryerson University Lifeline Syria Challenge fundraising team!

As we all know, Syria is experiencing a humanitarian crisis. The situation is shocking in its scope and brutality, and we know many of us are looking for a way to make a difference in the lives of those who are affected.

Many of you will remember the work of Operation Lifeline, which demonstrated the kindness and generosity of Canadians by sponsoring thousands of Indochinese refugees in the 1970s.

Following in this program’s success, Toronto citizens recently created Lifeline Syria to coordinate the sponsorship and resettlement of Syrian refugees to Canada. The Ryerson community has come together with Lifeline Syria to facilitate the sponsorship of 75 Syrian refugee families.

The Ryerson Lifeline Syria Challenge was initially established in July, 2015 with the aim to sponsor 10 refugee families, however in September, with growing support from the community, Ryerson was able to commit to sponsoring 100 individuals, or 25 families. The new partnership with Toronto’s universities will support even more people affected by the crisis, with the goal to sponsor 75 families or 300 individuals. The program is designed to support Syrian refugees and engage students, faculty, staff and alumni in experiential learning and applied research opportunities.

We were moved by the experiences of those in Syria as well as the efforts of people in Canada to help families resettle, and have committed to fundraising for these families.

We need your help. As an important member of our community and network, your involvement with this truly life-changing initiative is welcome, much needed, and will be very much appreciated.

Please consider joining us by supporting our Ryerson University Lifeline Syria Challenge fundraising team here. Please make sure that your donation is listed under The Torontoism Team. Together, we can provide a community of support to those taking direct responsibility for the wellbeing of these people in need.

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Gifts over $20 to Ryerson University Lifeline Syria Challenge are processed as gifts to Ryerson University, and will receive an official tax receipt.

You can find out more about the Ryerson University Lifeline Syria Challenge here.

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