New Story Charity: An Update on the Family We’re Helping

New Story Charity: An Update on the Family We’re Helping

A year ago we wrote about New Story Charity and what they’re doing to help families in need and their fight to introduce transparency into existing charity models. They built a crowdfunding platform to construct homes for families in the most vulnerable communities around the world.

In 2017, our team donated 6,500 USD for a home to be built for one of the families in the program. Today we got to see who we’re helping!

New Story Charity: An Update on the Family We're Helping 2

Our donation is now being transferred to purchase materials and hire workers to build a home for the Madrigal Sanchez family from Totolapan, Mexico. In September 2017, their house was destroyed after an earthquake of 7.1 magnitude hit the entire state of Morelos, Mexico. Thousands of other homes were destroyed and many people lost their lives and loved ones. Since then, Gabriel and her mother Juana Madrigal Sanchez have been living in temporary housing, but soon they will be getting a new home and a fresh start. 

New Story Charity is doing an amazing job, so please consider donating to this great cause. You can donate here and help someone to start writing their new story. 


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