What a City Slicker Needs to Know When Buying a Cottage 5

What a City Slicker Needs to Know When Buying a Cottage

A few hours north of the congestion and pollution of the country’s largest city lies an oasis of solitude. A place where people can breathe fresh pine-tinted air, cannonball into crystal-clear water, or just sit around a fire under the stars. Ontario’s cottage country has been an escape for city-dwellers for generations. Every summer a …

The Torontoism Team's Role Models 6

The Torontoism Team’s Role Models

We look up to them. They are our parents, mentors, teachers, partners in both business and life. Everybody needs a role model just like every experienced sailor needs to rely on a map and a compass. Essentially, just like the sailor has a destination, we too strive for the best of our future self.

People of Toronto: Dayna Gedney 7

People of Toronto: Dayna Gedney

I grew up at St. Claire and Dufferin, and my grandmother’s down at Dufferin and Bloor, and my other grandmother’s at Runnymede. We’re definitely a West End kind of crew.

Torontoism's July 2016 Updates 11

Torontoism’s July 2016 Updates

the Torontoism Team has been busy with sales as well as meetings, courses and even some good old family time. Tracy and family visited Mt. Tremblant, Sherille and family are planning on some travels south, Tania and hubby just got back from Hungary, Jim and Eden are busy making plans for later in the summer.

The Fuss about UBER 20

The Fuss about UBER

The Toronto taxi business should rise to the occasion and not try to shut UBER down. Provide great experiences and give people the choice and let the consumer make the decision.