Torontoism Wins BombBomb’s Real Estate Video Influencer Award!

Torontoism Wins BombBomb’s Real Estate Video Influencer Award!

VScreen and BomBomb teamed up to compile a guide to real estate video influencers helping to navigate today’s market. They rounded 80 of the most accomplished video influencers in the industry and sorted them to 5 categories:

  • All Around Video Influencers
  • Home Tour/Listing Video Influcencers
  • Community/Neighborhood Video Influencers
  • Recorded Video Influencers
  • Live Video Influencers  

Torontoism and Richard were featured both as notable videos to watch and as one of the winners in their category. 

First featured was the video Rosedale and why I like it! in Notable Videos category: 


Richard was featured as #2 Community Video Influencer:

video influencer

Richard Silver

Sotheby’s International Realty Canada, Toronto, ON

Richard Silver and the Torontoism Team wow with 10 all-star neighborhood videos and a polished neighborhood website. With his great presence on camera, Richard talks potential buyers through the strengths of each neighborhood in a relaxed and relatable manner. The quality of each neighborhood video looks professionally done. In addition, the strong featuring of Richard himself makes viewers feel like they are getting intimate access to the the leader of this great team.

You can check the whole guide over at BombBomb blog and see the Community Video influencers category where Richard was featured here.  

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