Dealing with the Online Consumer: Gabrielle Jeans

Dealing with the Online Consumer: Gabrielle Jeans 1A few days ago I contacted someone who I’ve always had a lot of respect for…she has been a REALTOR, Manager and teacher for 30 years (or more???) and like me she relishes in change…it does not get her down but she relishes in a challenge. She has been a very successful coach as well as developing the web site format that I presently use. It is very consumer centric and REALTOR friendly.

Over the years, as REALTORS we have been barraged by many business tools provided for us by non-REALTORS. Gabrielle Jean’s coaching and web site are made with the knowledge of her years in the business.

Recently I asked her her thoughts about Online marketing and what should be important to Buyers and Sellers. She made a very interesting point that has emphasized a strongly held awareness that is seldom taught:

Gabrielle says: “I have spent 36 years in the real estate business…30 years training real estate professionals. For the past 10 years I have studied Internet marketing. Homeowners today need to be sure that their real estate professional has vast knowledge and expertise handling the Internet buyer.  Since 85% of buyers/sellers today visit the web when searching for a home, no longer is the first inquiry from a buyer/seller usually a sign call or ad call; in fact it is an email inquiry.  Handling an email message is very different than handling a sign/ad caller. Today it is about the real estate professional knowing how to write rather than just knowing how to speak on a phone. “ 

Gabrielle has encouraged REALTORS to move their business online for years and has a recently launched Blog at or can be found at E2000 Training or Webtechdezine.

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  1. Richard,

    Funny about connections, I have been friends, through real estate for almost 30 years, with you. I am friends with Gabrielle and until recently did not know that the two of your were friends. I hold Gabrielle in the highest of esteem. She is not only a top professional and one who passes on her skills she agonizes over delivering the best content, her material, she cares about the student and how they benefit. She is a pro and in recognition of this fact I have asked her to serve as a director on the Senior Housing Council, the overseerer of the Accredited Senior Agent designation. I value her expertise and welcome her to the Board.

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