A Downturn Is The Best Time To Buy Up!!

A Downturn Is The Best Time To Buy Up!! 1If you are committed to benefiting financially from the Real Estate market, it may defy your logic, but the best time to buy UP is when the market is DOWN.

I recently sold a listing for $50,000 less than we would have sold it for 6 months ago, but at the same time the Seller was able to buy up to a property that would have cost him over $100,000 more six month’s before. He saved $50,000. He was happy when it was pointed out that when buying up you must always keep the differential as the motivating factor. As the market moves up, the differential increases, as the market goes down, the differential decreases.

Don’t let the naysayers in the market place stop you from doing the math. Get your house on the market and SOLD, while keeping an eye on what is out there. Then when you are SOLD and ready, you will be able to buy up to a higher end bargain. There are always less Buyers in the higher end and being Sold and ready to buy will give you a great advantage.

Real Estate Appraiser, Barry Lebow has wise words:  “Those who bought in the downturn come out the biggest winners as prices rebound. Remember, prices do not go down or up, they simply correct themselves. You look at real estate over a period of years and average the price. No matter how low or how high, on average, in Toronto prices went up over 6.5% smoothed out over the past 25 years. 6.5% for an investment that you can eat in, live in, make love in, enjoy your privacy or family and is tax free. I still believe that real estate ownership is the best investment one can make.”

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  1. Up 6.5% per year over the past 25 years???

    Sure, if you start from the end of the downturn in 1983 and stop at the peak of 2008.

    Perhaps you might want to look at trough-to-trough or peak-to-peak #’s?

    Or how about looking at the past 18 years, from 1990 to 2008. Otherwise known as a negative annual average rate of return.

  2. Dear Mr. Silver,

    …Lynne and I have been admirers of your real estate expertise for nearly twenty years.

    Thanks to you we have become $bazillionaires$ from purchasing homes in downtown Toronto and North Vancouver.

    Do you still have a great head of hair?…mine got lost

    Have I mentioned you were a great guy?

    …Can I borrow a couple of bucks…like maybe $300 or $400?…I’ll pay you back faster than you can say Pearse Murray.


    Uncle Max

  3. So great to hear from you both!! Yes, it is still my hair but the painting in the attic is now BALD…Oh well!! Next time I am in Vancouver I will come and haunt you!! Hear you actually are having winter out there!! Keep in touch and drop in when you are back East!

  4. Sorry,
    Anyone buying in the next year is a tool. Prices are going to fall a lot further and that money you “saved” by buying up is going to evaporate in front of your face.
    The massive rise in unemployment will lead to decreased buying power for consumers, not to mention that it will spur foreclosures which in turn puts further downward pressure on prices.
    Then again, should it surprise us that people who make their livings based on commission are encouraging people to buy at all costs? Previously all the RE people told us it was a great time to buy b/c prices were going to rise forever….now it’s a great time to buy b/c prices are going down? For you people, is there ever NOT a good time to buy?

  5. Not everyone buys houses to benefit financially. Some need larger house or different configurations for their Family or to change School Districts. Yes there is always a good time to buy the right house. Delaying until you can take advantage of the market is not the way to buy a “HOME”.

  6. If people would realize that “changing” homes only benefits you, all the real estate agents …. Do you really care about the ignorant that bought in the first place ?
    The seller-buyer have 50K difference, only by changing house, but… where is all the payments and fees? Nobody want to know about it. Oh well, as long as you have your commission, everything is just fine.

  7. Richard, I agree with what you are saying… downturn is the best time to buy… but what you are doing by posting such posts at this time is… you are luring more people to make wrong decision of buying at this time.

    We all know prices are going down this year.

    First time buyers – will save a lot more if they wait until year end.

    Homeowners – who you want to sell and buy a new bigger place and make a profit of $50K according to your logic. Those people, if they wait a year, can save $50 more according to the same logic.

    I know real estate agents have been hit hard by slowdown, but please, you guys have a made a lot of money in boom as well. By posting such blogs, you are just loosing your credibility.

  8. Thanks for your comments Jimmy,

    Remember that the Post says it is the “Best Time to Buy Up”. That assumes that someone already has a house and must sell it in a down market and buy in the same market. You can sell in total control if you sell first in a slower market and then buy after you have sold. Usually the split between the two prices is smaller in a Down Market. In an up market, most people are forced to make quick and not always the best decisions.

    It may seem crazy to most but I prefer this market because when clients make quick or wrong decisions, the Realtor gets blamed.

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