The Importance of the Internet in Marketing Your Toronto Home!!

The Importance of the Internet in Marketing Your Toronto Home!! 1Back in 2002 I had an international award winning web site that was recognized by the Realtors in a US magazine as one of the top ten sites, however, I was surpassed on the search engine Google by a newcomer who had been in my marketplace for one year (I had been over 22 years). After doing some soul searching and speaking to some great tech minds, I came across Bruce Lamb of Avalanche Networks.

He has moved my site to the front pages of the search engines and kept me there since 2002, always innovating and working with a great team and making my web site the centre of my business. 

Recently I asked him for his thoughts about the importance of Internet Marketing for Today’s Sellers:

“There is no question that buyers are using the Internet extensively in their search for a new home. Sellers that are not taking advantage of the Internet as a marketing tool for their home are losing out.

There are two key elements to a successful Internet marketing campaign.

The first key element is the data. Is all of the information available to a potential buyer who is serious about looking at the home? Do the photos or videos show the home in its best light?

We are no longer limited to a single sheet of paper to describe the home — we can now give prospective purchasers all the information they need and in as much detail as they could ever want. We can display this information in a way that is convenient for the viewer. We don’t have to use acronyms like w/d (washer/dryer) or “ELFs” (light fixtures) — we can actually use English to “sell” the home, rather than simply list its attributes.

The second element is traffic. It doesn’t matter if you have the most compelling description in the world. If nobody can find the listing page on the Internet, it’s like having a billboard in the forest.

To build traffic, a web site either has to be promoted using traditional marketing in newspapers or magazines, or it has to be promoted on the Internet itself — usually through search engines. The more specific the search, the more qualified the buyer. So someone searching for ‘downtown Toronto real estate’ or ‘Cabbagetown real estate’ is likely more interested in actually buying a home than someone searching for a general phrase like ‘Toronto real estate’ because they have already narrowed down the general area in which they want to purchase. But the number of potential search phrases for which you want the site to be found is almost endless. We’re definitely seeing people search for neighbourhoods in their searches, even seeing people search for street names or condo building names when they are looking for homes.

In summary, both a compelling on-line listing presentation and excellent placement in the search engines are necessary elements in order to have the most effective marketing campaigns for Toronto real estate in today’s wired world.”

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