The Shoe Was On The Other Foot When I had to Find a Good REALTOR!

Last year sadly I had to sell my father’s condo out west. I knew a few Realtors from the area but as executor of my Dad’s estate, I felt it was my fiduciary duty to keep arms length from the transaction, so I did what I suggest most sellers do….

I Googled the area where the condo was, took the top three Realtors and searched their web sites. Would my Dad’s Condo be front and centre or the agent’s awards? How quick did all three respond by email or phone? Were there sales or testimonials? Were the photos on the site professional and poignant? Did I have to look at the agent’s dog photos??

We had offers from family members who had friends who would list for less because we were “family” and I was a Realtor but I truly felt that Internet visibility was crucial. I know that almost 100% of buyers are on the internet.

I found someone I was comfortable with, had a no-BS attitude and seemed to meet the bill. He suggested a price at market value, and within a week of showings and Open Houses, it sold over asking, closed quickly and was an all around good experience…

If you are moving to the Edmonton/St. Albert area contact him or Google “St. Albert, Alberta Condos” and you will find him in the top three! By the way…his name is John Carle!! 

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  1. John Carle


    Thanks so much for the kind words. Working with yourself and your family was a true pleasure, and I appreciate the friendship we have formed in the past couple of years.

    Keep in touch and “play safe”!!

    – John Carle
    Edmonton Realtor

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