Today's Real Estate Market: Change is Good!

Today's Real Estate Market: Change is Good! 1Everyday someone walks up to me with a hound-dog face and wants to know if I am OK and how I am dealing with the Toronto’s Real Estate market today.

They must think I am crazy or lying because I often say that I am loving it! It’s true however! I’m coming out: I like CHANGE!

I like a downturn because it makes you more creative. It makes you reassess all that you do and try to find the benefit for clients and business.

It makes me look at my technology and systems and drop the ones that don’t work and streamline the ones that do or…look at new technology.

It makes me look to the change Gurus and listen to what they say and find ways to incorporate new ideas into my business.

It makes my mind race to find new marketing techniques and release the ones that worked in different markets!

I am an optimist because I have been in Downturns before and realize that the media sells newsprint by reporting doom and gloom but I sell people homes.

As my friend Barry Lebow reminded me:

“Downturns always end. Those who bought in the downturn come out the biggest winners as prices rebound. Remember, prices do not go down or up, they simply correct themselves. You look at real estate over a period of years and average the price. No matter how low or how high, on average, in Toronto prices went up over 6.5% per year smoothed out over the past 25 years.”

Don’t your wish that your Stock Portfolio has performed as well!

Change is good. It is invigorating. Embrace it! The worst thing you can do is stagnate.

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