It's a Great Time for Multiple Offers! From Sellers!

In an area where there are lots of similar properties that might work for your Buyer, why not pick the top three properties they like and contact their Realtors.

Tell the Realtor that you will look at offers from their Sellers tomorrow night at 8 PM.  The Sellers will be in competition to bring in their best offer.

It is a reverse on the past few years of Sellers looking at multiple offers from Buyers. Put the shoe on the other foot! Let’s see if it fits and let me know!!

7 Responses

  1. Chelle

    That’s a really unique idea I hadn’t thought of before! It would be an interesting experiment to see how it goes – though would you get the best price for your buyer that way? I’d think a seller would make the offer higher than what the initial buyer’s offer would be.

    I’d still like to try it though!

  2. Richard Silver Post author

    The Buyer would have the same option as the Seller did in previous years; they could also decide to take none or sign one back…

  3. Mike Belanger

    Like this idea alot but sellers today, as you have pointed out, are still holding onto the hope of multiple higher than asking prices. Also, most agents are not quite as adaptable as you are and would simply “wait and see”

  4. Ken McLachlan

    It’s all about a way of thinking. As realtors we need to be creative and think outside the box. Following the same patterns won’t always do it, especially in a changing market. Good on you Richard

  5. Richard Silver Post author

    Thanks for the comment Dunc. I think that it could work in a Condo building or new sales area where you are starting to see a number of new sales and resale mixes. You never know…

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