Real Estate: A Sad Story of Mould.

Molded Sheetrock WallA few years back my sister-in-law in Quebec City bought a to-be-built Condo from plans. It was a perfect space for her and her young daughter and we spent a few weekends there helping her decorate, hang pictures and connect new appliances. It was a great apartment and her first-ever home purchase but within a few months of living there, her young child started having problems breathing and was hospitalised a couple of times.

At the same time, Patricia noticed that the windows were leaking and the builder was called to do some repairs. Opening up the drywall revealed black mould throughout the apartment and the Quebec City officials quickly condemned the apartment. Patricia and her daughter became homeless and some of their clothes, furniture and possessions were rendered unusable.

Almost 4 years later, she still owns an unsaleable Condo, is responsible for the Mortgage but cannot live in it nor rent it out. She is suing the Builder, but that has been ongoing with lots of delays in Court. The Condominium Corporation, which first viewed her as a “troublemaker” and offered no support, is now fighting many fights with the builder who will eventually reinvent himself under another Company name.

This sad story points to the fact that Mould is a serious issue. It is just a sign that there is a water problem that must be dealt with first and foremost. If you do not deal with the water issue, you are throwing good money after bad. In the Toronto Region I would contact Carson Dunlop Consulting Engineers for advice on all the steps that you need to take. Just be aware that the big mistake homeowners often make is attacking the symptoms without eradicating the problem.

It might be time to get out that magnifying glass, Sherlock!!Water damaged and moldy basement wall









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  1. It is unfortunately a too common story. However, keep in mind that most home inspectors are not mould or indoor air quality (iaq) consultants. When dealing with a mould issue, it is best to contact a reputable firm that specializes in mould detection.

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