Over 700 Homes Recently Insulated with Urea Formaldehyde Insulation with Government Grants.

istock_000003783679xsmallThe Federal Government gave out grants to be used to insulate over 700 homes across Canada. The substance used, RetroFoam, has been found to contain Urea Formaldehyde and was purchased from the United States. Urea Formaldehyde has been banned in Canada since the early 1980’s. The insulation was quite controversial as it is easy to insert but to remove it means that the interior walls will need gutting and chemical washing which is a very expensive procedure to remove. Health Canada has sent out an advisory. There is also a RetroFoam Class Action suit for Homeowners available for sign up online.

Of note as well in the United States but it may also cross over the border to Canada is the issue of Chinese Drywall. Noticed originally in Florida it has apparently spread to over 21 States. There was a shortage of Drywall and a lot was imported from China after 2002. Here is a news article to give some background but it will be interesting to see whether this Chinese Drywall issue will appear in Canada. Since the story below, it has grown to include over 21 States.


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