Toronto Real Estate: The Globe and Mail Dream of the Week

519838_500Every Friday the Globe and Mail has their Real Estate section and today’ s Home of the Week is 2 Aberdeen Avenue, a property that I listed and sold. It is a great article about the history of the house and its different incarnations over the years, with previous owners, each showing the house a lot of love.

However, the real story here is one of dreams. The owners of Aberdeen had a dream that included owning a Horse farm close to the city that would allow them quick access to their work…the buyers of Aberdeen had a dream to own a large Victorian on a quiet street.  Sure there were the normal discussion of costs and there were numerous stars that had to align before both could achieve their dream but both parties were encouraged to calmly keep the dream in their minds.

Too many people today are so caught up in the “market” that they are forgetting “Real Estate”. Every house should achieve a dream for the Buyer or the Seller. Maybe it puts you in a bigger house with a main floor family room or in a better school district for your Family or closer to your friends. The thought of buying or selling only because it is/was a “good deal”, or moving down to wait out the market when it means two year of putting your family life on hold, does not make sense.

Focus on your dreams, work to achieve them and do what you can to keep them alive. Real Estate is not stocks and bonds: it can keep you warm at night and make you feel great at the end of a long hard day!

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  1. Such a heart warming story Richard.

    About real people and real situations !

    The spring always brings new hope and opportunities.

    Please keep sharing these positive stories.

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