Our Bathroom Renovations and the HST….

190Over the past three months we have gutted and renovated two bathrooms, replaced doors and windows, dealt with a leaking basement and spent a lot more time, energy and money on our home. Like a lot of people who live in their houses while they are being renovated, we are happy to see the back end of our contractor and happy to have our house back. We are also kicking ourselves for not having all of this done years ago…mostly because last year we would have avoided the Harmonized Sales Tax ….a 13% tax.

Like the 5% Goods and Services Tax  when we first saw it, the 13% HST make us consider being criminals. Do I pay everyone in cash and save 13%?  Have we encouraged another underground or barter system?

For many the move from 5% to 13% will push them over the top. The Ontario Liberal Government , should have softened the blow by reducing the HST when it was launched and my bet is that the Provincial  Tories  will run and win by reducing the HST as has been done in British Columbia .

In the mean time…enjoy the photos of our new bathroom…and thanks to Mark Trumbull our great contractor.


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  1. Richard
    The bathrooms look great. We are also in the midst of a bathroom renovation and it is incredible how quickly everything adds up.

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