Toronto Real Estate: What smells?

iStock_000015780553XSmallYears as a Realtor gives you a really sensitive nose.

The other day I was showing an apartment, walked in and was amazed that the condominium had been brought to the market smelling of smoke. My clients noticed it right away and were concerned that to get rid of the odor would require new carpet, new paint and there would be no guarantee that those options would be successful. When the listing agent called to ask my client’s reaction to the property, and I reported their thoughts, she said that she had no control over the situation and her client was continuing to smoke in the property.

Whether it is dogs, cats, smoking, or food odors, listing your home for sale means it should smell fresh. Pet owners, myself included, are sometimes totally unaware of lingering smells in their own properties and are somewhat defensive when these problems get pointed out to them. I have been accused of being anti-cat, anti-dog, and anti-smoke and I am all those if you are asking me to list your home for sale. Unwanted smells or covered-over smells can really affect the saleability of your home.

Getting your home ready for the marketplace includes keeping the kitty litter spotless, the dog or dogs out of the backyard, and smoker or smoking outside. While on the market a few visits to the basement to check for dampness, black mold and animal presents are very important. If you are using strong disinfectants to get rid of some of those problems make sure that there is time for the disinfectant to breath; otherwise the smell of Bleach is a dead give away.

Bread baking in the oven can only cover so much (besides which, Vanilla Extract on a couple of table lamps can do the same). Remember that staging a house for sale is not just about decluttering and moving furniture, the proper smells can help you sell but the wrong ones can be disastrous….a disaster easily avoided.

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  1. If the odour you are experiencing is a result of water damage and or mold then you should consider retaining a qualified contractor to assist you. It is important to ensure that the contractors you hire utilize earth friendly products. As the article states “otherwise the smell of Bleach is a dead give away.”

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