Rightsizing: When is it Time to Leave Your Home?

Senior couple meeting with agentA few days ago I was called in by a client  to give them an idea of the price they could expect for their house…that is my job and I love doing it. However, the situation that I came across I see too often. The Seller had stayed in their house too long.

Not only was the house in bad shape and devaluing daily but the Seller had aged to the point where he could not climb stairs or walk without assistance. In his large two storey home he was restricted to one room on the main floor with a caregiver coming for one hour every weekday. His mind was sharp but he was overwhelmed with the prospect of moving anywhere and felt that he had few options. He realized that selling the house would put him in a financial position to easily live in assisted living and his quality of living would have changed for the better, but seemed paralyzed to move forward. Luckily, I do have service providers that can help ease the burden in these situations but sadly they become Estate sales too often during the process.

Clients in this position often worry too much about their children’s wishes and not their own needs. They are so concerned about their independence that they do not realize that they are no longer safe alone in the house but are also not taking advantage of some of the options that exist as we age.

In the last 12 months I have run into a similar situation at least four times and each time I come away realizing that the Sellers have stayed too long. Maybe friends and family did not broach the subject when they should or maybe the Sellers felt that their physical outlook would alter with time. The question we must always be asking ourselves and others: “Is this the safest and best living situation?”

I am a lot happier to assist in a lifestyle change than an Estate sale….so let’s all make a commitment that we will not stay too long, making the right move at the right time. Remember, it is not downsizing but RIGHTSIZING!!!

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