Ontario Real Estate Forms in Plain Language from the Toronto Real Estate Board

Forms in plain languageA few years back when I sat on the Toronto Real Estate Board’s MLS Committee, we asked that some of the main forms that the Public and a REALTOR® use be posted in plain language. Those forms explain the “legalese” that many documents contain and make it easier for clients to comprehend what they are signing.  The work was done by TREB’s Hugh Foy who has been a staple on the Ontario Real Estate Association’s Standard Forms Committee. To the best of my knowledge,  TREB is the only association that has the “forms in plain language” as part of the public web site but I encourage all salespeople to send their clients there as a way of being better educated and better prepared for the Real Estate transaction.

In a section called the Buying and Selling Process, there are explanations of  the Multiple Listing Service and Your REALTOR®, The Buyer Agency Agreement, Additional Costs when Buying a Home, Standard Forms in Plain Language and Condominium Assignment Basic Guidelines.

This is a great tool to help you get organized for Buying or Selling property in Ontario and specifically Toronto. If you have any questions, please post here or email me at mail@richardsilver.com.

Here is a quick video to let you know what a REALTOR® do for you.

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