Some Exciting News….and a Top Ten Tips List!

2013-01-18 10.49.27 HDRI feel very honoured and humbled to have been named one of the “Top 100 Most Influential People in Real Estate” by Inman News for 2013. The past few days have been hectic as I was in New York at the 2013 Inman Connect Conference where I was speaking on “Building a Global Referral Network”.

I am a self admitted Conference junkie; love to go,  learn new ideas and meet new people. Those connections have been a great asset to my business and I have been able to develop a referral network of Buyers and Sellers from all over Canada, North America and the World.

Even though Real Estate is local, it is very important to keep and eye on what is happening globally especially in a city that is as diverse as Toronto.

For my speaking engagement last week, I developed at “Top Ten Tips List” that I share with you below. It was written with the assistance of my friend Ines Hegedus-Garcia who publishes the Miamism Blog.

How to Connect with Global Professionals

To Build a Referral Business:

10 Keys to Success!


  1. Be prepared: Get a strong team behind you…Lawyers, Immigration, and Mortgage Professionals. Know the answers to the questions before they are asked.
  2. Keep in touch: Similar to domestic networking…ask Clients for referrals of Buyers and Sellers. Do not forget the Sellers who may be timing out …be there for life’s changes…
  3. Set up or join a network: likeminded agents around the world….a great database, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook Groups, NAR’s CIPS and Global Alliances…
  4. Make connections: with Organized Real Estate Associations around the World. Become a Conference Junkie: Inman in San Francisco & New York City, NAR Annual Conferences…
  5. Network with local International Organizations: International Chambers of Commerce…Do International Groups that have offices in your City? OAS, World Bank…
  6. Travel abroad: visit face-to-face, Travel to Conferences Internationally: Inman Connect, NAR, FIABCI and ICREA.
  7. Think Global: Although Real Estate is local, think globally! Social Media is a great equalizer and more cost effective than print.
  8. Give and you shall receive: Always keep an eye out for referral opportunities that you can send around the country and the world…
  9. Qualify the Buyer and Seller: Use LinkedIn and the Internet to qualify leads as well as on site connections that you can develop….Beware of scammers.
  10. Do not assume: Familiarize yourself with the real estate process in the particular country your clients will come from.  It reduces their stress in the actual closing process and makes it easier to explain how you do business in your part of the world.

These are the Top Ten Tips that I try to follow. Please feel free to refer my name, phone number and email to anyone you know who is planning on buying and selling Real Estate. I am  committed to giving them the best customer experience possible and appreciate your support over the past years.

I am always available to you at or my direct mobile at 416-587-3300.


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