Our New Team Member: Erin Haas

Our New Team Member: Erin Haas

Erin Haas is a new addition to our team at Silver Burtnick & Associates. Born and raised in Toronto, Erin is very familiar with the lifestyle and neighbourhoods of our city which allows her to help both local clients as well as potential international buyers. We’ve interviewed Erin about her relationship with Toronto and her decision to pursue a career in real estate. So read on and meet our Erin!

What was it like growing up in Toronto?

Toronto has provided me a lot great opportunities throughout my life, and exposed me to so many people and places that perhaps I would not have experienced elsewhere. I have so many memories in all areas of the city, and have loved growing up in Toronto with the different seasons, opportunities to be in nature and benefits of the city life. With all the outdoor activities during the summers and winters, and large companies that make their home here providing careers for many, the opportunities are endless.

What is your favourite Toronto memory?

One of my favourite Toronto memories is when I used to sit on The Yorkville Rock on Cumberland Ave with my Father on a hot summer day relaxing and catching up. It so refreshing to be in the middle of a bustling city and find a peaceful place to relax and spend some quality time with your family. Toronto has so many places like that, which I love.

Our New Team Member: Erin Haas 2
The Yorkville Rock at Village Of Yorkville Park, photo by Toronto.ca

What is your favourite spot/neighbourhood in Toronto and why?

I have more than one favourite spot/location in Toronto. But, I have always loved walking around the Annex, looking at all the old Victorian Heritage Properties. I also love going to the Danforth for some delicious Greek food. I recently moved Midtown, and am loving being surrounded by neighbourhoods of families, restaurants, and parks, which is not what I’m used to living downtown. I certainly love every neighbourhood for their own unique reason.

What is your favourite thing about Toronto?

My favourite thing about Toronto is the diversity. I never find myself bored or without anything to do. With the amount of events, festivals, new restaurants opening and places to see, there is always somewhere to go and something to do. I also value the acceptance and pride our city offers. I truly believe that in Toronto, it is becoming easier for everyone to be themselves. Toronto prides itself on equality and acceptance, and that is easily one of my favourite things about my city.

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Why did you decide to work in real estate?

I decided to work in Real Estate because it seemed like a natural fit for me. Being born and raised in Toronto has given me an advantage, in that I am very familiar with the city, and I have an educated insight into the lifestyles and cultures, and the true heartbeat of the city. My background is in sales, and I have always had an appreciation and admiration for Architecture and Toronto boasts some of the worlds most beautiful properties in Forest Hill, Rosedale, Bridle Path, just to name a few. If you love Real Estate, then Toronto is a great market to join!

Why did you decide to join Silver Burtnick & Associates?

When I first received my licence, the first thing I did was call all my Realtor friends to get advice on how to choose my brokerage, team or no team, etc. As a new agent, there are many factors to consider when choosing your new brokerage. I was looking to work with a team, as I enjoy working with others, and to find mentors that I could look up to, who will help me grow and train me to be the best agent I can be. The first time I met with Richard, there was an instant connection. With his wealth of knowledge, charming personality, and years of experience, I knew this would be the beginning of my journey with Silver Burtnick & Associates. The team has welcomed me with open arms, and I am so grateful and honoured to be working alongside Richard Silver, Jim Burtnick, Rizwan Malik and Celia Alves, who are all pioneers in the Toronto Real Estate Industry.

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How do you see the future of the city? It’s growing, more and more people are coming here to live and work…but housing supply seems to be problem. What do you think is the solution to this?

With the growing population and limited housing inventory, I certainly think it’s going to become increasingly important to make the best use of our space so we can continue to grow. As an example, on June 28, 2018, City Council adopted the Official Plan and Zoning By-law amendments permitting laneway suites in Residential areas in the Toronto and East York District, which will increase the city’s ability to supply the increasing demand for housing in the GTA. I do foresee, that a new generation of condominium owners will be increasing versus freehold home ownership in the future due to increasing prices and lack of supply in the GTA.

What do you think are the current up-and-coming neighbourhoods in Toronto, that will get just more and more popular in the next few years?

With the limited supply and high demand for housing in Toronto, a lot of families and young professionals are moving farther North, East, and West to find affordable housing. New developments are quickly on the rise all over the city to try and meet those demands but some neighbourhoods are still developing and are quickly becoming popular. Riverdale, Upper Beaches, Junction Triangle, Danforth Village, West Don Lands, and Rockcliffe- Smythe, are just a few of Toronto’s up-and-coming neighbourhoods and will become increasingly popular over the next few years.


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