Geoff Joyner

Representing his clients real estate objectives is a responsibility Geoff takes seriously. Providing advice, insight and reassurance for clients, before, during and after their real estate related transaction is a rewarding experience.

This role has allowed Geoff to draw on all of the experience he has acquired over the past 20 years of his professional management career, plus the 14 years of full time client service in the real estate industry.

After graduating from the School of Business at Queen’s University, Geoff joined a leading Chartered Accountancy firm for two years before returning to school and completing his Master of Business Administration degree at The University of Toronto.

Upon completion of his M.B.A. Geoff entered the financial services industry working in both the commercial and retail sectors with Bank of Montreal, Lloyds Bank Canada, and CIBC.

In an effort to gain tangible product marketing expertise to enhance marketing experience, he joined Fuji Photo Film Canada. While at Fuji, Geoff held several
roles including Director of Marketing.

Geoff is confident that his selling experience along with negotiating expertise and strong financial management acumen will serve you well. Geoff has a wealth of experience in both the residential home and condominium markets.

He has owned and lived in both houses and condominiums and so has first had experience with the joys and challenges of both.

For Geoff, providing unequalled customer service, insight and support for his clients during a time of excitement, uncertainty and change are the reasons Geoff chose to be in residential real estate.