It's Never too Late to Learn to Sail… or Blog?

It's Never too Late to Learn to Sail... or Blog? 1Recently, at a Conference in Quebec City where we spent a day on Web 2.0 and its relevance in today’s Real Estate market, I overheard a comment in a break that went something like “oh, this stuff is way above me, I’m 58 years old, you know”. As someone who is older than 58, I find it sad when someone uses age as an excuse for not learning.

My mom was a huge follower of the arts so I was shocked when in her 80s she became a closet Baseball and Football fan. Her friends were often 20 years younger than her who accepted her as their contemporary. It wasn’t until they started dying off that she started to show her age and died at 91.

When my dad turned 82, I bought him a computer. Within one week he had figured out email and shortly thereafter he found family in South America that had been lost to him for over 75 years. I know that experience extended his life a few more years.

My friend Harry moved to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico at 90 to surround himself with younger people and learn to sail.

You are never too old to engage your mind in something new. You are old at 25 if your mind is closed; you will get lots of excuses when you could get lots of results instead. Age is not the issue, it’s engaging yourself in what is around you that will keep you young. That is the true secret of youth.

It is never too late to learn to sail!

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  1. Richard, you nailed it. I totally agree. I enjoy learning new things every day. Not sure about the sailing but I’m embracing the Web2.0. I also just joined the Oakville Parks and Rec. Advisory Committee so I’m looking forward to the involvement there. Have a great Christmas and hope to see you soon.

  2. And you are never too young to learn how to sail. I am always eager to introduce REALTORS to new technology and old technology, sailing skills that is. Come to NOTL and invite yourself for a sail with me anytime.

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