Canadian Real Estate: The New

Canadian Real Estate: The New 1

A few years ago the Toronto Real Estate Board expressed a concern about the branding of the public-facing Listing site used nationally The concern was a confusion in the Public that they were accessing an agent-to-agent Multiple Listing System that had all the information rather than a marketing product. It took a couple of years but the decision was made by the Canadian Real Estate Association almost one year ago that the better brand would be

At the same time, it was decided that the re-launch should include interactive mapping provided by Microsoft Virtual Earth. The site was run concurrently with this past summer and since its launch there have been many complaints and many changes. Most of the complaints centre around a few issues; interactive mapping takes some getting used to and some of the Boards and Associations across Canada upload with different software, some of which does not retain the longitude and latitude of each property. Some Sellers, Boards and Associations do not want their addresses viewable on Public web sites.

All this being said, what is emerging is a pretty cool web site that is still upgrading as it’s potential is being explored more and more. I’d be interested in seeing your comments as the changes are implemented so keep checking back and feel free to comment.

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  1. Richard,

    This plays out like on old spaghetti western; The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

    The Good: that as an industry we are finally embracing the technologies available and
    responding to the demands of today’s tech savvy buyers and sellers.

    The Bad: That even though things like Google mapping have been available for almost a decade,
    as an industry we have yet to adapt a standard in Canada to streamline the process of uploading

    The Ugly: That there is still a prevailing mindset that as Realtors we are the gate-keepers of the information.

    It’s this stone age mentality that has made it possible for third party aggregators like the Zillow’s
    of the world to offer services and technology’s that we are only now starting to warm up to.

    I applaud CREA’s efforts with the new site – it’s not an easy task rolling a bolder uphill especially when
    there are so many trying to push it the other way.

    All Good Wishes,

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