What I Learned at Inman Connect NYC 2009!!

What I Learned at Inman Connect NYC 2009!! 1I am nursing my third coffee this morning and sitting in the Atrium of the Marriott Times Square NYC and trying to organize my thoughts about the last 4 days. I love these Conferences. They are stimulating, new ideas, new people, new technology products but at that same time exhausting with some of the same issues coming back up like last night’s dinner… actually dinner was great!


The discussion is still on the table in the States about one National MLS…but like “World Peace” it is a great goal..but unattainable. The Politics are increasingly diverse and trying to “Collaborate or Consolidate” is nice a goal that should be put to rest.


Online Social Media & Networking is creating the excitement. Expanding your sphere of contacts and referrals by getting an online persona, Branding, using ALL the tools, engaging your tribe, using Video or podcasts, going from awareness to interaction to engagement or activity. Great Stuff! Thanks to Jeff Turner, Dustin Luther, Daniel Rothamel, and of course, my blog coach, Jim Cronin of the Real Estate Tomato.

There was a great Keynote address: Building Your Personal Brand Online by Gary Vaynerchuk, Founder& Director of WineLibrary.tv. Gary is a high energy speaker who has taken his family wine store and created  a multi-level Brand featuring himself as a critic, speaker, Blogger, branding consultant, TV Show Host and, by his own admission, is probably the most unlikely character to have done so. But, as he says, “We are in the midst of a personal brand goldrush. With all of the social media tools at our disposal, anyone can seize the opportunity to make a name for themselves if they are passionate, genuine and willing to work their face off.”


Now my big decision is coffee number four… a little retail therapy…or some much-needed sleep… Without a doubt however, Monday the diet starts, yet again! Oprah…I feel your pain!

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  1. The way real estate is done is ever changing and the new technologies are making it easier and easier for all parties to the transaction. A good agent needs to stay right on top of it and provide these new services to their clients. Good Job!

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